Here you will find the answers to some questions you may have about our upcoming wedding..
When's the Wedding?
We wish to enjoy a long engagement. An exact date has not yet been determined, but we are tentatively planning for January or February of 2023. We intend to select and announce the official date by March of 2022.

Where will the wedding take place?
Our absolute dream is to say our vows on the sandy beach of an island in the Caribbean, during a week-long cruise, so that we can really celebrate with our family and friends rather than rush through a single day. We recognize that not everyone would be able to commit to such a trip (and that COVID is making that even harder), so if this dream should become a reality for us, we intend to make alternative arrangements for viewing and celebration with those that are unable to attend.

Do you have a Wedding Gift Registry?
Currently, no. Your presence is the only present we request. In lieu of gifts, we hope that many of you will consider vacationing with us in 2023 (official dates and location TBD). We know that travel and accommodations will be a considerable expense. We hope that providing you with this advance notice of our intentions, allows you the opportunity to make arrangements to attend. 

Are you still planning a Cruise Wedding given the current pandemic?
We knew we wanted to enjoy a long engagement even before the pandemic began. We understand the elevated concerns about gathering on a cruise ship at this time. If the wedding were taking place in 2021, we would have already identified another location. With 2023 being more than 2 years away (at the time of this update), we believe a lot of change will come about during that time and hope that cruising will once again be a safe and comfortable vacationing option. We have a "wedding planning" cruise booked in early 2022. If that trip proceeds as planned, then we will likely advance with the official announcement of our 2023 wedding cruise. Rest assured, we will continue to discuss alternative options and will consider health and safety a top priority throughout our planning process.